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Wear Cherry says ladies shouldn' t be allowed within locker rooms rapid Don Cherry’s thoughts on women inside media upon Hockey Night In Canada made up for exactly what his suit was missing in colorfulness a prior weekend not too long ago. Unprompted, Cherry thought we would mention the current controversy surrounding Duncan Keith’s noticeable sexist remarks to a female news reporter. Cherry presented up his judgment, expressing, “I don’t think women really should be in the male attire room. “Ron MacLean’s problem was important: via goldandorsmith. comCherry protected his point to go about his first interaction which has a female press reporter during his participating in days, while guys were naked in the locker room area. “I don’t feel women usually are equal, I do think they can be above us, ” Cherry said. “I consider they’re with a base, plus they shouldn’t be going for walks in when bare guys are jogging throughout. “Two issues here. For starters, most teams contain the players obtain dressed nowadays before that they speak to the actual media. Periods have changed. Second of all, the truth that Cherry wood tried to help save himself by declaring women can be better than guys when he just simply said they really should not be treated much like males reporters is definitely laughable. Considerably more inside NHL: Abide by @SBNationNHL• Per day in the life of the off-ice official• With being wrong with regards to the Azure Jackets• 6 (! ) out of doors games in 2014• The best in our hockey network



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